Apex Tactical's new M&P armorer's block

Apex Tactical is happy to announce a new product for the professional and not-so-professional M&P gunsmith alike. They’ve designed a polymer armorer’s block that made to work with every M&P handgun, all sizes including the M&P Shield even M&P handguns with a manual safety. Also it’s bright red.

“We’ve been taunting you for the past two years by using the aluminum and rapid prototype versions of the Armorer’s Block in our installation videos. No more taunting, no more fiddling and no more design tweaks. They’re done, they’re here and they’re RED!”

It gets better. The clever folk at Apex have designed the armorer’s block to be reversible. The M&P armorer’s block doubles as a Glock block. The M&P block can be used to work on all Glock pistols as well, all sizes including the Glock Shield, their single-stack—wait, that’s right, Glock doesn’t make a single-stack 9mm or .40 S&W. Anyway, it works on all Glocks.

Apex Tactical M&P armorer's block

This big red plastic waffle has shaped cutouts in the pockets to act as parts retainers to help you work on trigger and striker assemblies without parts going everywhere.

“I designed our original Armorer’s Block out of aluminum just prior to attending the NRA Show in Pittsburgh two years ago,” said said Scott Folk, Apex vice president. “The response from those at the show was incredible and we were constantly fielding questions about price and availability. Since then it’s been redesigned into a more versatile tool with a durable, polymer construction that gun owners are really going to like.”

It’s a compact little thing measuring seven inches by four inches, and it’s just 1.5 inches tall. In the press release, Apex points out that it would make a nice stocking stuffer, and we don’t disagree, especially for what they’re charging.

Apex Tactical M&P armorer's block

The Apex Tactical M&P armorer’s block costs just $30. Really sweet price, another benefit of going polymer. This is a great way to break into gunsmithing and with a set of punches and whatnot a very affordable addition to the tool kit. Plus, with this, you can save yourself a pretty penny doing your own M&P and Glock upgrades and maintenance.

Even if you’re an established gunsmith, for $30, it’s worth trying out; Apex Tactical is the go-to name for M&P aftermarket parts, and if anyone knows what an M&P block needs it’s them. And for most law enforcement armories, the fact that it works with Glock pistols as well makes it a must-have.

For details and highlights check out the product page and the brochure (.pdf). The Apex Tactical M&P armorer’s block will be available for sale December 13th, this Thursday.

You can get it and some parts to upgrade your M&P at the Apex Tactical online store.

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