Israeli Weapon Industries cutting the ribbon at their new American headquarters

Israeli Weapon Industries is announcing the opening of their newest facilities here in the US, in Harrisburg PA. They will be manufacturing American firearms with Israeli parts to Israeli specifications at their 21,000-square-foot armory.

IWI plans to first market their Tavor SAR and Uzi PRO, their semi-automatic bullpup rifle and updated, polymer-framed Uzi pistol.


“We are pleased to announce the launch of the operations of IWI US to shooting enthusiasts in the US,” said Uri Amit, IWI’s CEO. “We have operated for many years in the global Defense and Law Enforcement markets, where we have invested significant resources in developing quality, innovative weapons that answer the needs of our customers, and our products enjoy great popularity around the world. All of the weapons we have developed have become the standard for the IDF as well as for the armed forces, Special Forces, and police forces throughout the world.”

“We have now decided to enter the civilian market in the US and offer products that have been specially developed for the US commercial market. Initially, we will offer several configurations of the Tavor SAR and the Uzi PRO Pistol, which have undergone changes and adjustments to suit the needs of the American consumer.”

IWI Tavor SAR Black

The Tavor will be offered in two color options, black and flat dark earth, and with 16.5-inch and 18-inch barrels. The bullpups will be standard with full-length flattop Picatinny rails, although they will also offer a Tavor with a low-profile mounted Mepro-21 reflex sight.

Uzi PRO PistolAlthough the Tavor is an ambidextrous rifle, changing it from righty to lefty requires a parts change. We don’t know if these parts kits will be available right away but we expect IWI to offer at least a couple of Tavor models in left-handed versions.

We also hope that IWI brings their 9mm and 5.45x39mm conversion kits to market soon, because those things are awesome. The caliber conversion kits were designed to fulfill military requests form within Israel as well as from other militaries, so they’re not cheapo conversion kits.

IWI has only mentioned Uzi pistols, which are neat enough, but we really hope they put together some carbines and SBRs soon. As NFA-regulated guns get more popular, we suspect they’ll move more than a few stocked Uzis.

They’ll be in full force this SHOT Show, and we’ll be there to get all the details.

2013 is going to be a great year for bullpup fans.

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