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I know when I got out of the military and into police work, I had so little money it was scary.  Thankfully my Reserve unit put me on orders with my old unit until I was picked up by my agency.  This same scenario repeats itself over and over, and I know a few hundred cops in my department who now wear the blue uniform after wearing green first.  Daniel Defense has implemented a program to make your first (or fifth) duty rifle a little easier if you are a cop.  Sure there are terms, conditions and interest, but no matter how you are looking at things you are still borrowing money.

For additional information, check out www.danieldefense.com andwww.firearmfinance.com, or email jhunter@danieldefense.com.

Just a tip from Gearscout’s Stickman. He has a few more words for aspiring LEOs.


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