Kel-Tec CL-43 flashlight unboxing by Commonsense TP

CL-43 Flashlight unboxing

CL-43 Flashlight unboxing

Using three CR123 Lithium batteries, weighing just under 4 ounces, and only 3 ¾ inches long I expected the light to be solid feeling. It was. The barrel of the light protrudes about 1-½ inches from the main body. The one-piece body is machined from aluminum alloy, with circular bands transected by shallow lines, an effective “nonslip pattern” and lights not black hard-coat anodized have a colored (and darned durable) Cerakote coating.

 Because of how the body is laid out, two batteries in a row, with the third parallel to them, it’s a very compact light. The one-piece body is milled to make an indention (or valley) between the two battery chambers. In this indention the metal clothing clip, which appears to be Parkerized or phosphate coated, runs from rear toward the front, and can be switched from right to left side. Switching it requires removing two hex screws with the supplied hex wrench. This is also how the batteries are changed. Between those two screws, in a peak in the clip’s base, Kel-Tec thoughtfully attached a small lanyard loop.

If you were interested in Kel-Tec’s recently-announced and without a doubt most unconventional flashlight/weaponlight, check out the full review at Common Sense Tactical and Practical.

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