MasterPiece Arms shows of first photos of MPAR 556 rifle

MPAR 556

MasterPiece Arms is best know for their MAC-style pistols and carbines, as well as their Protector series of pocket pistols. But that is sure to change as their upcoming MPAR rifles starts to make the rounds.

On the surface it looks somewhat like an AR-15 with a quad rail, but a quick look at the receivers lets you know something else is going on entirely. The receiver look to be made from stamped steel or square tube steel, similar to the older Australian Leader T2 MK5. But even if it draws inspiration from that design, MPA’s rifle has little in common with it.

The MPAR has a full-length flattop rails and matching free-floating railed handguard for optics and accessories concealing a short-stroke piston system, a charging handle on the left side that appears to be the non-reciprocating type that doubles as a forward assist, and tubular side-folding buttstock extension.

About the only thing it appears to have in common with AR-type rifles is that it uses the same pistol grips, magazines and buttstocks.

MasterPiece Arms hasn’t come forward with too many details, although they do have a product page up.

Along with the picture comes a press release, stating:

The MPAR 556 Rifle will be phosphate/hard coat anodized depending on the material. Disassembly will be very user friendly, both for access to the internals of the weapon, as well as the piston assembly housed in the front handguard. This gun is American Made and offers the MasterPiece Arms Lifetime Guarantee. MSRP is $959.00.

The MPAR will be officially unveiled at the upcoming SHOT Show and we’ll definitely be there.

This rifle is a significant departure from the practically endless number of newly-announced AR-15 rifles, with and without gas piston systems. The design is not entirely original but its steel receivers and reasonable price are sure to make this a popular gun with those who want to see something other than Stoner and Kalashnikov designs for a change.

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