New Safariland Model 22 'Wallet Profile' pocket holster

Pocket carry

Safariland, just announced the release of their new Model 22 Wallet Profile holster.  Designed with thinness in mind and with a squared-off profile, the Model 22 was made to look like a wallet, so that even if you print, others will only get the wrong impression.

The Model 22 will first be available in five models for the Kahr P380, Kel Tec P3AT, Ruger LCP and LCP w/Crimson Trace Laserguard and the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard. While not officially supported, we’d be surprised if one of the Model 22s didn’t work with other semi-automatic pocket .380s.

The hoSafariland Model 22lster has a “sewn hinge-design” that lets the holster swing away from rectangular backing on the draw. That way the backing doesn’t interfere with the grip or draw.

“With the Wallet Profile Holster we are meeting a growing marketplace demand. As an evolution of our popular Model 25 Pocket Holster, this model has a square backing to give the impression of a wallet, or other square object, in the back pocket.  It also does well in the front pocket to reduce any printing by the firearm,” said James Dawson, Safariland Director.

The holster side of the Model 22 is rigid and remains open even without a gun in it. This way you can draw and reholster from your pocket without having to remove the entire holster to put the gun back. This makes practicing your draw a lot easier.

It also features a perspiration shield to help keep sweat from collecting on and possibly rusting your pistol, and a suede finish on the wallet side of the holster that helps keep the holster locked into place in your pocket. The Model 22 is only available in black, not that there are reasons to decorate a pocket holster when you think about it.

The Model 22 has a $37 MSRP, making this simple holster one of the most affordable ways to carry a pocket pistol. The Model 22 is also available in left-handed options, which isn’t something you can always say about other holsters. You can see all the details and model numbers for specific holsters on Safariland’s Model 22 product page.

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