Maria Harbin newest addition to the HK Pro Shooting Team

Maria Harbin

Heckler & Koch is happy to announce the addition of Maria Harbin to the HK Pro Shooting Team. Not only is Harbin the most recent person to join HK’s crew of professional shooters, she is the first woman to come aboard the company squad.

Harbin has been selected to compete under the HK banner in USPSA matches and will run with a factory P30L pistol.

“Maria brings an amazing amount of natural talent and unlimited potential to the team. Look for Maria at the top of ladies division before long,” said Jason Koon, captain of the HK Pro Shooting Team.

Harbin is also a grad student at Florida State University working towards a master’s degree in criminal justice. Events of her freshman year of college dealing with a stalker spurred her into the world of self-defense where she showed a lot of skill early on.

Maria Harbin“Like martial arts shooting sports constantly challenges me in a unique way and presents endless opportunities to grow in proficiency and skill with my weapon, the HKP30L, in a challenging, safe, and enjoyable fashion,” says Harbin.

Harbin also has a black belt and is a martial arts instructor, in addition to her skills with a pistol.

The HK P30L is a choice competition gun for USPSA production division, too. The DA trigger tips the scales at a pretty hefty 11 pounds but the 4-pound SA trigger makes up for it. The P30L shares the P30’s ergonomics and ambidextrous controls but has a longer slide and barrel, measuring in at 4.4 inches and with a sight radius of 6.4 inches.

If you can’t get enough HK Pro Shooting Team or Harbin news, you should go check out their Facebook page.

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