Proto Tactical Z-Comp review by JTT

This isn’t the Holy Grail, but it is a really, really good muzzle device. When you look at it, you think it is going to be an ear drum wrecker, but I am glad to report that it is not. In fact, it is one of the mildest brakes that I have tried in terms of sound and concussion to those around the shooter. Every person that has seen it in action has been surprised by how relatively quiet it is.

It is certainly noisier than a flash suppressor, but it isn’t anywhere near as bad as most of the brakes on the market. It produces more of a push than a sharp crack or concussive feeling. The noise is deeper than it is sharp. Hopefully that makes sense. The point is that it is fairly easy on those around the shooter and there is no noticeable increase in sound at the shooter’s position when outdoors. If I have the choice, I wouldn’t want to use the Z-Comp or any other brake indoors.

The Z-Comp offers a tremendous amount of muzzle control. The muzzle stays very level and a skilled shooter should find that they are able to run the trigger very quickly without waiting for their aim to settle. This effectiveness of this device approaches and exceeds that of some dedicated competition style brakes that I have tried without all the noise.

The Z-Comp by Proto Tactical is an slick-looking compensating brake that was just recently introduced. Available in five different models for popular calibers, .223/5.56 (1/2×28), .308 (5/8×24), 6.5 Grendel (9/16×24) and 6.8 (1/2×36) and most AK-47 rifles (14 x 1 LH).

Proto normally has it priced at $130 but for now it’s available at an introductory price of $115.

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