Magnum Research bringing back the 10-inch Desert Eagle


10-inch Desert EagleMagnum Research, the Minnesota-based corporation that is most famous for the Desert Eagle series of handguns, is bringing back a big-bore favorite, the 10-inch Desert Eagle. It will be based on the Mark XIX Desert Eagle and available in two calibers, .50 Action Express and .44 Magnum.

Ballistics performance of both .50 AE and .44 Magnum are considerably improved when fired from the longer barrels, with up to 15 percent gains in energy for the .50 and as much as 30 percent with the .44.

Naturally, the extended barrels add mass and help keep the recoil down as well, which is an important thing when you and your handgun deal with upwards of 1,700 foot-pounds of force—about what you get from a 5.56 NATO or 7.62x39mm cartridge. These 10-inch Desert Eagles weigh about 4.5 pounds dry, thanks to an all high-carbon steel construction.

They will both have integral Picatinny rails for optics as is common to newer models of Desert Eagle. Although the guns have enormous foot-long sight radii, you don’t necessarily need a scope to be accurate with them.

With or without glass, these guns are great for handgun hunting, not to mention some of the less well-known competition sports like bowling pin shoots.

Like all Desert Eagles, they are gas-operated and use a rotating bolt, like many semi-automatic rifles. the .50 AE has a 7+1 capacity and the .44 Mag 8+1.

For a full list of specifications, check out the product page. One thing you might notice is the MSRP. These have a suggested retail price of $1,683, and that’s with a black oxide finish. Even though the real-world prices are going to be a bit lower, they’re almost as hard-hitting on the wallet as they are on their targets.

With any luck they’ll be selling the barrels separately; currently their online store only lists 6-inch barrels. While that’s nice for people who are picking up a new 10-inch gun, they’d be passing up on a pretty big opportunity to sell 10-inch barrels to people who already own a 6-inch Desert Eagle. Caliber conversion parts would be nice to see, too.

While there are several other Magnum Research guns, none are nearly as iconic as the Desert Eagle, and the 10-inch versions have always been some of their most impressive.

Other finishes are listed as well, but we have no problem with these guns in black.

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