Legion Firearms new LF-4D carbine

Legion firearms is putting together a few seriously high end firearms this holiday season with their new Legion LF-4D. Built around their custom receivers with all-premium parts, the LF-4D showcases what the AR-15 platform is capable of.

The LF-4D uses an M4-length 14.5-inch extra chrome-lined barrel with a permanently attached Battlecomp 1.5 that brings up the legal barrel length up to the 16-inch minimum. Interestingly enough, it’s not one of their hex-cut barrels, but then, this isn’t their most expensive rifle.

The barrel has a fixed front sight and a mid-length gas system mated with a heavy buffer. This is probably one of the smoothest-shooting combinations for AR-15 carbines.

Completing the upper is a nickle boron plated bolt and carrier as well as upper interior. That level of treatment will take more than carbon fouling to make it stop or even just slow down.

The lower receiver is fit with the new ambidextrous 45-degree short throw BAD-ASS-ST safety by Battle Arms. This just came out a couple of weeks ago, but it’s definitely one of the more impressive aftermarket safeties out there. It also includes a nickle-boron treated ALG/Geissele Advanced Combat Trigger.

For furniture the LF-4D features a Centurion Arms 12-inch C4 quad rail that is ceramic-coated to match the receivers. The rifle comes with a Magpul MOE grip and magazine and B5 Systems SOPMOD light buttstock.

And lastly, the every LF-4D comes in a Flambeau case. Because they deserve it.

To be honest, this rifle more than reminds us of the recent Haley Strategic Jack Carbine, and while Legion Firearms is a smaller name, we think that some of the features of this rifle, particularly the ceramic finish and nickle-boron-coated everything are not matched by the Jack.

Also, while the Jack Carbine’s price is still a mystery, the LF-4D’s pricetag is just $1,990. That is not a high price considering this rifle’s features; if anything, it’s on the affordable side.

The rifle is in a pre-order stage currently. If you place your order soon you’ll get in on batch one of the LF-4Ds, serial number range 1-100. Numbers 101-250 will begin assembly in March.

The only thing we don’t like about the LF-4D is the wait time. Expect 16 weeks between now and delivery. Still, you want it fast, cheap, or good? Pick two. This is an exceptional rifle made by an exceptional shop.

Check it out over at Legion Firearms.

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