Suppressed Krink in 300 BLK (4 pics)

A 300BLK Krink SBR with a 762SDN6 Silencer (just to show the flexibility of the round).

Talk about out AK-ing the AK. An SBR that retains AK (7.62×39) like ballistics in Super Sonic, but cycles SUB SONIC as well!

This rifle started life as a 5.56mm Arsenal 106UR Rifle that was converted to 300 BLACKOUT by our buddy Troy Sellers at “In Range” in Kodiak TN. Troy is “The Man” when it comes to AK products.

This combination metered 141.6 at the shooters ear. Actually better than expected for a suppressed AK

This thing is a dream gun. Considering that 300 AAC Blackout does almost as well from a 9-inch barrel as a 16-inch, this Krink in 300 BLK’s going to tear up any range it goes to.

I wonder if it cycles subsonic without a can, and did they have to tweak the recoil system? And also, why doesn’t Izhmash make these exactly like this?

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