Firearm and ammunition stock as low as 9% of pre-election levels

Ammunition Stock levels have fallen by more than 90% from the pre-Election Day levels. Less than 10% remains available. Available Ammunition links will be updated throughout the day.

Handguns are down by 80%, Long Guns by 63% for an overall 72.2% reduction in firearms inventories.

They do not give away their sources, although there is little reason to believe that they’re incorrect; these numbers seem to be reflected by stock levels throughout the retail side of the industry.

I’d assume that these come from polling distributors, which is about the only solid source to get information about all this across the board. That theory is particularly disturbing because if the distribution channels run dry, gun shops across the country will not be able to get stock in time to pay their bills.

Many people assume that these spikes in sales are good business, but they’re not. If the supply end of things is damaged by not being able to stock stores, then business will fail, particular small and local businesses.

More assume that this is free market capitalism, but it’s not, it’s a government-dominated market, even if the government is just threatening to propose future regulation. That’s clearly enough.

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