A Russian and his suitcase (gun). (VIDEO)

The Paratus is one of the coolest .308s we’ve seen in a long time. A modern sniper’s takedown rifle, the Paratus is designed to fit in the smallest possible volume, and indeed comes in a suitcase. A tactical suitcase, anyway.

Paratus-16 assembled sniper rifle

Designed and built by DRD Tactical, the Paratus-16 is a dream gun. It is a semi-automatic takedown rifle chambered in .308 Winchester with a folding, telescopic buttstock. The whole rifle packs up into a tactical briefcase not all that much bigger than a lunchbox. Designed for military spec-ops and clandestine law-enforcement snipers, the Paratus-16 is also available to the public at large.

It is loosely-derived from AR-pattern rifles, but eschews the traditional buffer and buffer tube for a recoil system inside the modified upper receiver. The upper has been extended at the front for the quick-detach barrel and separate, free-floating handguard. The lower receiver has also been extended at the rear for the Magpul PTS folding stock’s locking mechanism and has a cutout for a left-side charging handle.

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