TSG-22 Glock conversion kit review (VIDEO)

Shooting Illustrated put together a brief review of the .22 conversion kit for Glock pistols.

The industry leader in rimfire technology, Tac-Sol has been making .22 kits for 1911s, rifles and all manner of firearms for quite some time. It’s only logical that it would add a Glock kit to its lineup. The Glock kit allows for apples-to-apples training with your carry/service pistol at a much reduced cost, meaning more trigger time.

The Tac-Sol kit I used in testing was fitted on a G35 Gen 4 frame. A quick note about the Gen 4 Glocks—the TSG-22 kit will fit on Gen 4 guns, but there will be a gap at the front of slide/frame because of the slightly wider dust cover on the newest Glocks. It’s cosmetic only, and doesn’t affect the gun’s function at all.

It is available with either 10- or 15-round magazines, and the 15-round versions I used stick out of the butt of the gun just a little bit, giving it a bit of a racy-USPSA appearance. The mags feature a button to help depress the spring for loading. Push the button down, and the spring compresses, so you can drop .22 rounds in pretty easily. Like most .22 magazines, it can be a little finicky, but for the most part feeding was reliable.

Speaking of reliability, it’s always one of those issues that crop up with any semi-automatic .22, and even more frequently with conversion kits. This particular kit is no exception—sort of. It required a pretty significant break-in period of about 500 rounds before it would run reliably. After the break-in period, however, the gun ran like a top, with zero problems whatsoever. It was a little crazy, actually. One magazine had three malfunctions, then the next mag after that had zero. It has continued to run like an ambulance chaser to a freeway accident since then, digesting another 2,000-plus rounds of CCI ammunition. One of the things I recommend with conversion kits is to stick to quality .22 ammo. The cheaper your rimfire ammo, the less likely the gun is going to run properly.

This is a pretty nice conversion kit, all said and done, just as you’d expect from Tactical Solutions. Their rimfire skills are at the head of the curve. That being said, here’s what some other people had to say about this very kit.

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