German for 'water gun' (VIDEO)

The German Army was equipped with the “IFEX Hand-Water-Pistol”. The pistol uses a new “impuls technologie,” that works like this:

– one liter water is pressed into the water tank with six bar
– the pressure chamber is filled with air up to 25 bar
– the shot is fired by a high-velocity valve that opens for 20/1000 of a second
– this impuls shot hits the target with 400km/h or about 250 miles/h

Advantage in case of fire : the normal cooling space for one liter water gets decupled; from normally 6 square meters up to 65 square meters—with one single shot.

People say Europeans are more culturally, socially advanced than Americans. And yet, give them a big gun, and the first thing they do is get a little blond girl to shoot it on video, too.

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