LETTER TO EDITOR: Remember congress: 'It's not the firearm or the magazine that kills, it is the fruit loop behind it.'

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By William P. Scott Jr.

To: Every Congressperson, Legislator, Senator, and Mayor within the United States of America, and even the President

My name is William P. Scott Jr and I am the vice president of the Watertown Sportsmen Club (Watertown, New York), which is a firearms range among many other things. I am writing you today on behalf of nearly 1,200 members, and at least 70 percent of which are military due to Fort Drum being right next door. Of these ladies and gentlemen, many of them own these inaccurately labeled “assault weapons” (inaccurate because they are firearms that have not assaulted anyone). These men and woman have fought for this great nation in Iraq and Afghanistan, among other places and some house more than one “assault weapon” in there stable of firearms. When these folks come back to the United States of America they like to come up to the ranges to hang out with buddies or other firearms enthusiasts. For anyone to tell these people, or any American, that they can’t engage in a sport that so many love is unconstitutional. These men and women have taken a oath to protect the Constitution of the United States of America and this means the second amendment, too. You, as elected officials, have also taken this oath, but today some of you have brought it upon yourselves to dictate your own thoughts.

It’s my belief that these people should work for the people, and not themselves. There is no reason to take away fine versatile firearms that are used for hunting many kinds of animals as well as competitive and recreational shooting.

In addition to “assault weapons,” high-capacity magazines are also under attack. The use of large-capacity magazines go back to go big or go home mentality, however, the men and women who come to the range with large capacity magazines are there for no other reason than to have fun.

It’s not the firearm or the magazine that kills, it is the fruit loop behind it. And to prevent further attacks “gun free zones” are established. The problem about gun free zones is that it allows the evil of this world to know where there are easy pickings. If they want to make a name for themselves why not go to where no one can confront them or where no one expects an attack. Let teachers, principles, administrators and parents who want to carry firearms do so without being judged. Let them protect our children with something besides there bodies shielding them or a closet with no where to run.

Society always wants to blame the innocent and in this case it’s the law abiding gun owners of America who are under attack. Instead of punishing us — the good guys — why not for once look to the real problem: the fruit loops, crazies, and mentally ill. We the People are the true defenders of this county and the elected officials need to remember that, and the sociopath who just gunned down a bunch of people in a school or a mall to overshadow us

I thank you for taking the time to read this on behave of the legal gun owners of America and the people that elected you.


For more info on the Watertown Sportsmen Club, check out their Facebook page.

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