Party in a can! (Pics + VIDEO)

Bowers sent us their Paradigm .22LR suppressor to play around with and let me tell you, .22LR is by far my favorite suppressible round. You can take a handgun or rifle and make it quieter than an airsoft gun.

We put a ton of different brands and types of .22LR through the Paradigm and had a lot of fun doing this review. There is one thing I’d like to go into some depth about with this company in particular. The customer service from Bowers has been amazing. I don’t say this too often, mostly because I don’t often need information directly from the source about a product or the best ways to utilize it. If it is your first time looking at or buying a suppressor, Bowers will help you through the whole process of getting it into your hands through a local vendor and even make recommendations on how to make sure you can get it as quiet as possible with various ammo types and the host for the suppressor.

This is a damn interesting can, and I think I really want one. They do have a website but it’s still pretty rudimentary, so for more up-to-date info you might be better off with their Facebook page.

The Paradigm looks like a great can to get into the silencer club with, and they have it listed in their catalog for just $395. In addition to being cheap, they’re also light, measuring in at five inches long, one inch in diameter and weighing just 3 ounces.

If you don’t want to buy one, Four Guys Guns, the same people that put together this review of the Paradigm suppressor, are giving one away along with a pile of other goodies in this contest here.

Hat tip to the Gunmart blog

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