LETTER TO THE EDITOR: I can no longer support celebs in the 'Demand a Plan' PSA

A Guns.com reader wrote this letter to the celebrities who participated in the Mayors Against Illegal Guns “Demand a Plan” public service announcement. The following is what was sent to each and everyone of them. Guns.com was given permission to publish it.

By Danielle P

To the celebrities who starred in the “Demand a Plan” PSA,

I am writing to inform you that I will never watch, listen or patronize any project that you participate in now or in the future. Not because I believe you to be a bad person, but rather ill informed and close-minded to the everyday people around you. The same people who pay you for entertainment. The recent PSA encouraging gun control that you participated in proved that you do not possess insight on the lives of people that differ from your own.

I am assuming you do not own a gun, which is your choice and I respect it. But I do own a gun and that is my choice. I only wish you could offer me the same respect I have shown you. For me owning a gun is not a hobby or a sport, but for my protection. I am married but spend many days and nights alone, NOT because I am an actress being paid millions of dollars to be in some exotic location or because I have had a quick six-month Hollywood marriage, but because my husband is in the Marines Corps and there are many days and months I am on my own. My personal safety is my own responsibility.

We rent in the best neighborhood we can afford, and it isn’t a sprawling Beverly Hills estate or a Manhattan penthouse with a doorman. I cannot afford an alarm system for my home, let alone security guards that follow me around to ensure that my family and I are safe at all times. My husband and I do not yet have children; we have decided to wait to have kids until we are more financially secure, but one day when we do I can tell you that my children will matter to me just as much as yours matter to you. And I can almost guarantee that we will not have the ability to section off a portion of the hospital to ensure their privacy and safety, but they will still matter and have every right to be as safe as your children. Their rights, their lives, and my right to protect them, will matter too.

So thank you for taking the time to read this and I’m sorry that I will no long be able to support your future endeavors, but you have failed at your one and only job: to entertain me.


Danielle P

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