Shooting the Polish PPS-43C pistol (VIDEO)

This is a really neat gun that gets around any NFA restrictions by welding the folding stock up over the receiver; it’s there for looks but non-functioning.

And it’s one of the recent batch to come from Poland via IO Inc. These are new, Polish-made PPS-43s parts kits by Radom, one of the great Eastern European arms manufacturers. They’re assembled here in the U.S. by IO Inc into PPS-43Cs.

They’re inexpensive at $400, although they were originally supposed to come with four 35-round magazines each; Classic Firearms is only shipping them with two, which, yeah. We noticed, anyway. Still, not a bad deal considering they’re new, not chopped surplus kits that have been bubbaed back together like so many others.

Actually, the only upsetting thing about these is 7.62x25mm ammo availability. As far as range toys they’re great but Soviet surplus ammo isn’t dirt cheap anymore, provided you can find it.

If you’re interested, though, pick ’em up here. They’re cool replicas, and it’s not like the ammo isn’t in production, it’s just a little hard to find than it used to be.

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