Shooting the SAR-21, rare Singaporian bullpup (VIDEO)

The SAR-21 has enough going for it that it’s been marketed in the States for law enforcement use, and it’s been adopted by several agencies not limited to Singapore, including in Morocco and Peru.

While it’s not strictly ambidextrous, it does have a brass deflector that bounces the spent cases forward; it’s intimidating and not ideal, but handy in a pinch, I suppose.

This is an interesting video for a couple of reasons, it not only showcases a rare and original firearm, it does do a decent job of holding the camera way too close to what’s being recorded. Cameras have a depth of field the same way scopes have eye relief, and if you’re too close to your subject it won’t be in focus.

Just something to be mindful of, random guy on the Internet who’s posting cell phone pics of his new gun to that forum. They’re bad photos. Get better and stop posting them.

For more info about the SAR-21 head over to Wikipedia and World Guns, naturally.

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