Syrian Rebels Making Rockets out of Found Cluster Bombs (VIDEO)

In tonights MacGyver Martyrdom episode, Syrian Rebels collect and transform live cluster bombs used against them by the Assad regime.  More from Danger Room below:

The unexploded cluster bomb here looks to be a Russian AO-1 SCH, according to Steve Priestley, a weapons expert with Sterling Global Operations, a Tennessee-based security company, who agreed to check out the video for Danger Room. A rebel digs up the bomb and disarms it by unscrewing the fuse — which isn’t the greatest idea. The bomb is only supposed to explode when it slams nose-first into something solid, but, Priestley says via e-mail, “I would not be surprised if he’s presently enjoying the benefits of martyrdom … holding impact fuses nose-down, etc., what could possibly go wrong?”

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