Boberg XR9-L spotted in the wild (Photos + VIDEO)

boberg xr9l on black background

2 boberg pistols for comparison

boberg xr9ls back to back on counter

2 boberg xr9ls facing downward on counter

boberg xr9l pointing up

Mouseguns got a hold of a Boberg XR9-L, the strange and wonderful compact single-stack with an innovative feeding system that allows the gun to have about an inch of extra barrel and really great recoil management.

I thought it had been cancelled, but apparently they managed to go from initial design to final product in something like three months.

The full-size gun manages to pack in a 4.2-inch barrel; service pistol performance from a pocket gun is nothing to sneer at. They are on the pricey side at a little over a grand.

We did a review of the gun, not once, but twice. It’s safe to say we’re fans.

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