Jerry Miculek answers fan questions (14 VIDEOS)

If you could only have 3 guns for the rest of your life what would they be and why?

What five minute lesson can you give the intermediate rifle shooter to improve hits in 3 Gun style competition?

Would you be willing to try shooting skeet with a .410 bore handgun?

Outside of practice, do you carry every day when you are out and about? Are you a proponent of Conceal Carry/Open Carry?

What does a day in the life of Jerry Miculek consist of?

What is your favorite caliber and why? For revolvers, for pistols and for rifles.

How did you know you had a gift for shooting? How hard is it to get to your level of professionalism and sponsorship?

Jerry, I was at the 2012 IRC when your firing pin broke…

I will say that as always and prior times I ran into you and spoke with you, you are always incredibly gracious and easy to talk to. One of your S&W team mates once said to me that “Jerry is the most ego less person he had ever meet”. Can you comment on that? How do you keep it in check? to have confidence but not have it go to your head?

Second, a mechanical thing. You mentioned on hotshots that the firing pin that broke was an after market. Will you share what it was? The cylinder and slide ones have a rep for breaking, was that what you were using? Jerry, as a final comment. I, like many, have tremendous respect for you. Many of us “also rans” at the IRC had terrible mixed feelings when you were granted the reshoot after the mechanical problem. It really hurt because none of us really believed that if it happened to one of use we would have gotten the reshoot. You, Rich, Neil certainly, but the rest of would have been out of luck.

When I watched hotshots the other night, and hearing you specifically asking Art about the other 300 of us that were there and you said “Its important that everyone gets the same treatment” it really changed my perspective and I have more respect for you than ever before.

How long it took before you got to where you can throw a moon clip in the general direction of your revolver and have it land in the cylinder.

What piece of advice had the most positive effect on your level of performance?

I’ve seen you put white powder on your hands and the grips of your revolvers before running a stage. It is rumored that this is possibly some kind of magic dust, or maybe bones of the vanquished?

What’s your training regimen like?

What is the most important distinction about getting to a high level shooting ability, like making grand master?

What factors drove you to choose Smith and Wesson’s handguns above others?

He also had this to add:

Be sure to check out our site for more shooting tips and reviews in the future. I’d like to elaborate on that 5 minute 3 gun rifle lesson a little more in the field when I have the time.

You can also hear more from me on my Facebook page, and my daughter Lena’s as well.

Thanks again, and I hope to see you guys on the range in some competitions in the future!

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