Assault rock at auction

This is your chance to own the most tried and trued of all assault weapons! This rock is millions of years old, and may have been the Caveman’s AR15. This is NOT a modern AR15 or assault weapon. Rather, this is the Caveman’s AR15 (Assault Rock, 15cm).
Again, this is a ROCK.

This item is meant purely for decoration, and is not intended to be used as a weapon. Own a piece of history!

All proceeds will go to the real NRA (National Rifle Association of America).

If you’re interested, you may bid here.

It’s the Q&A section that’s definitely worth hitting up:

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Q: How much carbon build up is present in this AR15 and how easily do you think it can be removed? I would hate for this weapon to jam. Jan-10-13
A: It has not yet been carbon-dated but based on the half-life of carbon -14 at ~5750 years, this AR15 will only become more reliable as it ages.
Q: I believe this is a scam. There are many ARs available. Just turn on the news and you will see the towel headed cavemen still using them. What say you? Jan-10-13
A: I say the market sets the price.
Q: Will this Assault Rock have to be shipped to a local geologist to perform a USGS background check before I can take possession? Jan-10-13
A: No, this qualifies for Curios & Relics exemption.
Q: Will the AR-15 fit my hi cap. mag that originally designed to fit NON quartz AR-15’s? Jan-10-13
A: You can use quartz mags in a marble AR15, but not the other way around. Minor rocksmithing may be required.
Q: Is it OK to use this with a forward assist, a.k.a. a slingshot or catapult? Jan-10-13
A: A slingshot or catapult would definitely knock your rocks off.
Q: Do you happen to have any more pictures of your Assault Rock Caveman AR15? I would like to see the back and bottom of it for quality and value. It would be the first time I would be able see what is under a rock. Jan-10-13
A: I had to keep it PG. As you know, these types of controversial photos make for a very rocky subject of debate. I have added photos to the listing.
Q: Is it right on left handed? Jan-10-13
A: Yes, but it could also be operated left on right handed. Or single handed.
Q: If I wrap this ARock in “pre-ban” mammoth hide, would I need a tax stamp for a supressed rock or would I be cavemanned in? Jan-10-13
A: That method would require a tax stamp even though the mammoth hide is pre-ban. The easy loophole is to use a 100% heavy cotton towel, which is so far unregulated. Remember, they only ban accessories like mammoth hides and shoulder thingies that go up.
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