Bone-chilling 911 Audio of Georgia Women Shooting Home Invader (AUDIO & VIDEO)

One of the most heart raising 911 calls we have ever heard. Donnie Herman of Loganville, GA made a call into 911 from Atlanta while he was on another phone with his wife back home in Loganville with their two children while their home was being broken into.  Donnie Herman who remained remarkably calm throughout the situation coached his wife, who was hiding in a crawlspace with their children, to remain calm and quiet and to shoot the intruder if he entered the attic door.  2 minutes into the call you can hear the the wife’s shots.  The suspect, Paul Slater, was shot 5 times from a .38 revolver.  He pleaded for his life and fled the scene, later crashing his car down the block.

A true hero’s tale of a prepared and responsible gun owner.

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