Lucky Gunner Weighs in on Ammo Availability

I wrote about Lucky Gunner in an article about the scarcity of ammunition this morning and this response just missed my deadline, so I thought I’d run it as a follow up.

I like  — really like — to draw attention to great customer service when I see it.  And with that in mind, I pass on this message from Anthony at Lucky Gunner.

Hey David,

Anthony from over at LuckyGunner writing – Thank you for reaching out.
These are truly wild times and uncharted territory for us and many others in the industry.

Our purchasing team and customer experience team members are literally working around-the-clock in an effort to keep up with the tsunami of demand that has been unleashed.

Regarding insights unique to current phenomena, we’d offer the following:

·         We are a young company, but we’ve never experienced anything remotely similar to this tidal wave in scale or intensity

·         Virtually overnight, available supply essentially evaporated and prices have increased precipitously

·         We are experiencing a deluge of customer inquiries, the most common of which is “when are you going to get .223 or 5.56 back in stock?” – literally hundreds of calls per day about that single topic

·         Our warehouse team is receiving and checking in inventory daily, sometimes dozens of times per day, and most of it literally sells out within minutes (making it appear as if we have nothing in stock)

Our message to the market and our customers who are looking for hard to get .223, 5.56, and 9mm ammo is this:  we feel you; we understand.  We’re burning the midnight oil to keep up and do our best.  If you want .223, 5.56, or other high-demand products, the best thing you can do is refresh our .223/5.56 caliber pages and then be quick with the credit card when inventory does appear.  Our system won’t let us oversell to you, but if you aren’t quick . . . . by the time you get through the end of checkout it may be gone! In fact, we recommend customers create an account and have their credit card information ready so they don’t have to take the time to retype all the information in, ammo is moving that quickly.

We understand this is frustrating and genuinely empathize, but unfortunately it’s the current market reality.

I hope that helps give you some perspective into what is going on at retailers across this industry. If you have any questions, please feel free to follow up.



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