Ruger LCR .22 review (Photos + VIDEO)

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ruger lcr loaded barrel

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After shooting 1,000 rounds of various .22 loads, I had no malfunctions or failures to fire. Like all Ruger firearms, the LCR-22 proved to be extremely reliable. While the LCR-22 can be a viable (note that I did not say optimal) self-defense handgun, it can also offer security in other environments. When loaded with CCI shotshells, the LCR-22 would make an excellent camp or trail gun for venturing out into the wilderness, since it’s light weight won’t even be noticeable in a pocket or backpack.

I readily admit that I like the Ruger LCR-22. After putting 1,000 rounds through the gun, I came to appreciate its high level of accuracy and reliability—and I really appreciate its cost effectiveness. If you are packing an LCR in .38 Special or .357 Magnum as your regular carry gun, it’s a no-brainer to also have an LCR-22 for more prolonged practice sessions mixing, say, 50 to 100 rounds of .38 with several hundred rounds of .22. The grip, trigger and sights of the two guns are the same, so the only difference would be the level of felt recoil. Economical, efficient and effective—those might be the best words to describe the Ruger LCR-22. And I’ll gladly add that you won’t be disappointed.

From PDW’s recent review of the LCR .22.

You know, we’ve reviewed the LCR .22 a couple of times, and we’re of a like mind. This gun is just fun as hell to shoot, it’s accurate, fun, a good beginner or training gun, fun, reliable and even more fun.

We don’t recommend that anyone carry a rimfire handgun for self-defense, and we don’t make an exception for this. However, we can’t deny the truth that it can be used for self-defense, and if you were going to carry a .22, this is the .22 to carry. End of story.

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