TAR-10 #000001 is SHOT Show Rifle of the Year


The Turnbull TAR-10 is a truely unique rifle unlike any other we’ve seen. On the one hand, it’s patterned off the DPMS AR-10, but on the other, it’s a showcase of pure guncraft. In recognition of this, it’s this year’s SHOT Show Rifle. Specifically, TAR-10 serial number #000001, which is currently being auctioned off to benefit the Hunting Heritage Trust.

While the TAR-10 is already an astouding body of work, number one is particularly special. The handguard, pistol grip and buttstock are made from hand-selected and -sculpted premium walnut from Lucent Solutions, it comes with a top-shelf Zeiss 1.5-6×42 scope, and is hand-engraved by Adams and Adams, featuring over 50 inches of gold inlay.

“Our objective in creating the Tar-10 was to show that the AR platform is more than just a military rifle. We wanted to emphasize that these types of rifles can be made to look like any other custom rifle in terms of appeal,” said Doug Turnbull of Turnbull Manufacturing. “These are hunting rifles and we plan on making them look and feel like the new generation of guns for hunt­ers and collectors.”

Unlike most other AR models, the TAR-10 has all- steel receivers that have been case-hardened using Turnbull’s proprietary bone charcoal finish. The receivers are machined from 8620 billet. The flattop upper features a high-rise Picatinny rail for standard scope mounts. It also has a muzzle brake that is unique to this rifle.

The auction ends along with SHOT Show, January 18 2013, and the going rate for this stunning piece is over $50,000 and climbing. If that’s outside of your price range, but you happen to be in or near Las Vegas, you can at least take a look at it in person at SHOT Show before it meets its once and future owner.

Of course, you don’t have to drop tens of thousands of dollars for a TAR-10 of your own. Turnbull is offering non-engraved versions of this rifle with a standard muzzle device, premium-but-not-hand-selected walnut furniture and no optic, but the same amazing case-hardened finish and Turnbull receivers for $5,000.

Whichever version you wind up with, it will come with a 4-round and 10-round .308 Winchester magazine.

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