SHOT Show 2013: The new Glock 30S and new Gen4 Glocks (VIDEO)

Glock is officially announcing the Glock 30S, a new model featuring the capacity of the Glock 30 with the slender slide of the Glock 36.

We had a pretty good idea that Glock had the 30S in the works, but we were also happy to see new Gen4 versions of some of their less popular pistols, their 10mm models in particular. Glock is also adding subcompact .45 ACP and .357 SIG subcompacts to their Gen4 catalog.

Glock fans have been putting together their own homegrown Glock 30S pistols for some time now, by mating the G36 slide assembly with a G30 frame and magazine. The end result is a high-capacity .45 for carry, bringing 10+1 rounds to the table but also a slimmer profile and slight weight reduction.

Glock will for the time being continue to make the Glock 30, now also in Gen4 in addition to Gen3 versions, although we suspect that in time, Glock will phase out the Glock 30 in favor of the Glock 30S, at least for the Gen4 series.

We spent some time shooting the Glock 30S at SHOT Show this year, and it didn’t fail to please. It’s an easy shooter for a compact .45, we didn’t have problems ringing the steel and recoil was noticed but not uncomfortable. It would take a giant ammount of ammo to get worn out shooting the 30S.

The other pistols were present as well, the Glock 20, 29 and 33. The 20 and 29 are Glock’s 10mm pistols, their full-size and compact offerings now in Gen4 configurations. The Glock 33 is their compact .357 SIG pistol, also now in Gen4 style.

If you already own a Gen3 Glock 20, 29 or 33, you may not be interested in the new models, however, if you’re thinking about picking up a new Glock, the Gen4s feature a new texture, a captured dual-recoil spring assembly for less felt recoil and a longer service life, and a smaller grip that can be expanded with backstraps to customize the gun for the shooter.

All else is calm currently on the Glock front but we will be meeting with them during this week for some in-depth quality time to discuss what else may be on their horizon for 2013. For more up-to-date Glock news, head over to their Facebook page.

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