SHOT Show 2013: New From Ruger: The SR1911CMD, The SR45, The LC380 (VIDEO)

Ruger has been showing their latest models for a couple of weeks now, but we’ve gotten to see them in action at the SHOT show, in Las Vegas.  In their pistol line, we see three guns that are sure to take off.

The Ruger SR1911CMD

The SR1911CMD is represents Ruger’s efforts at downsizing.  The Commander length version of last years SR1911 is just a bit more compact.  But just as well balanced and accurate.  While the gun isn’t tiny, it is more apt to be concealed than a full size 1911.

The price on the SR1911CMD is the same as the full sized SR1911: $829.

The Ruger SR45

The  SR45 is another logical addition to the lineup.  While Ruger’s full-sized polymer line doesn’t draw as much attention as some of their other guns, they have a devoted following.  The SR45 feels nice in the hand, and it functions flawlessly.

Capacity on the SR45 is decent for a .45: 10+1.  The price on the SR45 is nice, too: $529.

ruger sr45 sitting on red cloth

The Ruger LC380

A move that surprised a lot of us was the move up in size for Ruger’s .380 pistols.  With the success of the LCP, which is really small, why go up?  They covered that territory well with the LC9.   The answer has to do with restrictive legislation and the manageability of the .380 round.  The LC380 will make some folks in California happy.

I like the idea.  While I respect the LC9, the gun is harder to handle than I’d like.  The size, though, is ideal.  The gun will hold 7+1.  Now the LC380 will be big enough to hold, and the .380 recoil is easier to manage.  And with an MSRP of $449, the price is not hard to handle either.

ruger lc380 sitting on red cloth

These three center-fires will surely get full reviews on soon.  So stay tuned for more.

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