SHOT Show 2013: New From Colt: Retro, Color, and Mustang with LaserMax (VIDEO)

Colt has an impressive booth at the SHOT Show this year.  Actually it isn’t the booth, really, but the wild assortment of candy colored AR-15s.  Color is in.  Tiger stripes meant to be evocative of Vietnam War era camouflage.  Muddy Girl.

There are even several translucent gloss finishes available for receiver that would seem to be much more aesthetically pleasing and hardly aimed at the tactical market.

2013 shot show guns

These guns look really good.  Some of the finishes are ceramic.  The word in the Colt booth is that they’ve tested them in all sorts of conditions and scenarios and that the finishes are holding up incredibly well.

2013 shot show guns

My favorite is the new AR15A4, which is an homage to the old M-16A1.  This gun looks much more like the classic rifle, yet it has modern internals.

2013 shot show guns

This one will certainly be popular.  It has a removable carry handle, and is semi-automatic.  It provides a high level of nostalgia, while also remaining up to date.  That’s a hard balance to achieve, but this one does it well.

On the pistol side, the big news is the addition of a laser onto the Mustang.  The .380 is an adept little gun, and now those who like lasers can get one with a LaserMax laser that fits onto the trigger guard.

2013 shot show guns

The fit is really nice, and the controls are right there where your trigger finger should be resting before you are ready to shoot.  The Mustang is selling for $600 or so.  The LaserMax will add some to that cost, but not too much.

There’s more to come, from Colt.  And we’re working on getting in a new rifle for review.

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