SHOT Show 2013: New From Ruger: The Big Rifles (VIDEO)

Ruger makes some of the best production rifles on the market.  Their 10/22 rifles really stand out, but their big guns deserve some high praise, too.  2013 will see some new models of the 10/22,  the new Guide Gun, new chamberings and sizes for the American Rifle, and an upgraded version of their AR, the SR556

The New twist on the 10/22

We can start small.  The 10/22 Takedown is a great gun.  Now they’ve shortened the barrel, threaded it, and added a muzzle break (which will probably prove to be ornamental).

new takedown threaded barrel

This is a welcome addition to the lineup.  The 10/22 is already quiet, but it will be even better with a silencer.  And the sights are high enough to clear the top of a can.

The American Rifle

I liked the American Rifle, too.  The one I reviewed was a .308. Now they’ve shortened the length of pull, and shortened the barrel a bit. The Compact version measures just over three feet, about six inches shorter than the full sized.

ruger american rifles in case at shot show 2013

The smaller Americans will be available in 243 Win, and 7mm-08 Rem.  These should be ideal for younger shooters who are looking for an economical, yet reliable way to get into hunting.

The Guide Gun

This is the highlight for me this year.  I like rifles that really thump.  And the Guide Gun is available in several different calibers, including 375 Ruger.  There are rumors that it might go bigger, too.  This is an ideal gun for hunting big game at short to medium distances.  It even has iron sights.

ruger guide gun on display at shot show 2013

And the laminate stock is nice, too.  The colors in the wood give it a natural camouflage effect.  This should be a really nice gun.  I’m trying to think of what I might use it for.  I already know I want it, now I just have to figure out why.

More to Come

I like Ruger.  The company is great to work with, and I’ve yet to find a lemon among their guns.  We’ll be seeing the new lineup as the guns become available, and I hope to see the new version of the SR556, too.  Ruger’s AR doesn’t get the attention it deserves.  And the VT should help remedy that.

We’ll get on the reviews and bring you more soon.

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