Ted Nugent Talks NRA, NY, Obama & Piers Morgan with Guns.com (VIDEO)

Huge day for Guns.com!  We got our first chance to interview the Motor City Madman Ted Nugent.


Like him or hate him, Uncle Ted is a gun-loving, deer-slaying force to be reckoned with – and when Ted talks, people listen.

Especially, when he lays down his brand of politically charged, ‘hell-raising’ Rock ‘n’ Roll rhetoric.

Preparing for the interview, we had a boatload of questions to ask the man, but given that time was limited (as one might imagine, The ‘Nuge’ is a popular individual at SHOT; kinda like Justin Bieber at a high school pep rally) we could only ask a few.

So, in light of recent events – Obama unleashing his plan to curtail gun violence, the draconian gun control bill that passed in New York, and the NRA’s unveiling of its ‘Stand and Fight’ campaign – politics dominated the discussion.

There are many highlights to the interview.  But three stick out in our minds:

First was Uncle Ted’s answer to the question regarding the NRA’s ‘Stand and Fight’ campaign, specifically what the campaign means to him as a board member of the organization.

Since, we’ve been at SHOT we’ve been trying to get NRA leadership to sit down with us and talk about the campaign and the gun lobby’s overall strategy to combat the assault on the right to keep and bear arms coming from the media, the Obama administration, and pro-gun control organizations like Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

However, (and perhaps understandably) the NRA’s been busy.

Nugent, though gave us an answer, saying, “If you attempt to counter and question the motives of the NRA [as it relates to the fundamental right of self-defense], that’s just not the devil’s advocate, that would be the devil.”

The second highlight was when he sang the British National Anthem.  Freakin’ hilarious.

Lastly, and in relation to number two, was his answer to a Piers Morgan question, “Why does anyone need an AR-15”?

It seems to me that most pro-gun celebrities and gun rights activists who appear on Piers Morgan Tonight have a difficulty cogently answering this question, but not The ‘Nuge’ who stated, “I need an AR-15 for the same reason that CNN’s security guards need an AR-15… It’s not the Declaration of Needs, it’s not the Bill of Needs, I don’t need a corvette to go to the store for milk and bread, but I want to.”

Very well said.

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