New from Houlding Precision Firearms (AR-15s): (VIDEO)

Fans of custom AR-15s may already be familiar with Houlding Precision Firearms. If not, it is time to get acquainted.  Houlding makes some of the most robust receivers I’ve ever seen, and they’re a true custom shop.  That is their specialty.

Take this audacious pink HPF-15 MOE.  This is their entry level AR, and it has a price tag that starts around $1,700.  Since most of their guns are true customs, this price can vary-wildly.

Some of our readers (like some of us here at might recoil at the garish look of some of these guns.  But that’s what a custom shop does.  Anything you want (to pay for).  Even a red splattered AR with zombie-green accents.  It isn’t going to win a beauty contest, but it does make a statement.

And all of these guns make a statement.  They are robust.  The receivers are built to extraordinary tolerances, and they’re a bit thicker than most.  These are available separately, and just might be the best place to begin a custom project.

They’ve also engineered a fantastic muzzle break.  The break pushes the muzzle down.  As is mentioned in the video, this actually requires that a shooter push up on the barrel in automatic fire to keep the bullets on target.

Houlding is making their guns in California, and they make California compliant ARs that use fixed stocks, different grips, and fixed muzzle breaks.  The result is a compliant firearm that doesn’t require a bullet button.

Houlding’s appearance at the 2013 SHOT Show is a sign that they’re branching out. If you’re looking for an AR, and have a couple of grand (or more) you’re willing to pay, a Houlding would be a great choice.  It would be money well spent.

Check out their Facebook page for more.

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