New News from DoubleTap (VIDEO)

Right after SHOT Show 2012, the gun world was buzzing about the DoubleTap.  This .45 ACP or 9mm derringer is not much bigger than a deck of cards.  Made of titanium or aluminum, the guns are only 5/8-inches thick.  They’re double barreled, and hold two more rounds in the grip.  Really, besides the punishing recoil, what’s not to like?

Well we all waited.  Recoil or no, the DoubleTap was much anticipated.  But they’d partnered with a manufacturer who had some difficulties.  We’re still looking for the story there.  More will emerge as the lawsuit progresses, I’m sure.

But that is all trivial to most of us.  I was thrilled to find the bright red booth at the SHOT Show this year, and really enamored with the gun.  That’s what matters, right?  The gun?  The DoubleTap?

I’ll say what others have already said.  This thing is a beast.  It is not as small as you might like it to be, but it is so incredibly thin.  And the shape, which has unusual lines and rounded edges, doesn’t really look like a gun, which means it won’t be so conspicuous in a pocket.  And that’s where this dude is going, just as soon as I can get one.  MY pocket.

After seeing one in person, I see the DoubleTap differently.  It is the gun that can always go with you.  It is a summer concealed carry gun.  Of course the recoil is going to be harsh, but I constantly remind people that true concealed carry guns aren’t fun to shoot.  That’s not the point.  Living is fun.  That’s the point.

A couple of other details worth mentioning.  The trigger, a 1911 trigger, breaks close to 12 pounds, but it feels like much less.  I pulled it several times, and actually guessed it broke closer to five, which make the DoubleTap guys happy.  And the barrels are interchangeable.  .45 or 9mm, your choice.

Production is underway.  They’re hoping to fill the 30,000 orders they already had (before this year’s SHOT Show) by March, and they’ll hit their stride of 1,000 guns a day soon.

DoubleTap.  I feel a bit like a cheerleader.  Of the thousands of guns I handled last week, and that’s not an exaggeration, the DoubleTap is in the top five for me.  We’re working on the test gun, and when we get it we’ll bring you the details ASAP.

In the meantime, checkout their status on the FaceBook page.

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