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Chris Kyle is an American badass.  With 160 confirmed kills, he is the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history.  It goes without saying, but this former SEAL Team 3 operative and native Texan is a genuine hero.

For his bravery in battle, the four-tour Iraq combat veteran was awarded two Silver Stars, five Bronze Stars with Valor, two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, and one Navy and Marine Corps commendation.

Mr. Kyle’s also the author of the NY Times number one bestselling book “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History,” a TV Star, he appeared on NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes and is set to appear on Season 2 of the Outdoor Channel’s Elite Tactical Unit, and the president of Craft International, a private security and protection firm that provides training to military, law enforcement and civilians. had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Kyle in the past, but this time – at SHOT Show 2013 – we wanted to get his thoughts on the politics going on in Washington and the ongoing national debate on gun control.

As one might expect, Mr. Kyle’s answers to questions on President Obama’s proposal to reduce gun violence, the NRA’s suggestion of placing armed guards in schools, and the Piers Morgan/Alex Jones confrontation, were honest, candid, and totally sensible.

In addition to being a proud father and a devoted husband, I believe the thing Mr. Kyle is most proud of his the work he does for wounded veterans and the families of those who did not return from the war.  As he’s so eloquently stated in the past, it is “our duty to serve those who’ve served us.”

Indeed.  And along those lines, his share of the proceeds from his book are going to the families of his two SEAL brothers who died as a result of the war, Marc Lee and Ryan Job.  Any remaining funds will go to other veteran charities.

If you haven’t purchased the book, you should get your copy now.  You can buy the book here on  It’s a great read and the money goes toward an even greater cause.

Big thanks to Mr. Kyle for agreeing to do the interview.  As we’re sure you can tell by the interview, he is one of the most down-to-earth, humble, cool dudes you’ll ever meet.

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