Jörg Sprave: Witch Hunter Trailer (VIDEO)

Stories about witches have fascinated people since prehistoric times. They represent the pure evil, and – must be killed. The Hänsel and Gretel fairy tale recorded by the Brothers Grimm 200 years ago is usually the first horror story we listen to, often long before we can read and write. Nobody ever forgets the two abandoned kids, alone in the forest, that get caught by a terrible witch that wants to eat them and fattens them up beforehand. Pure terror.

So we here at The Slingshot Channel have been very excited when we saw the announcements about a new movie that takes a new look at the ancient story: Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters!

We knew we had to cover it with a special episode. So we made two brand new special and elaborated weapons, of course all based on rubber, for hunting witches.

In the end, we had so much material that we decided to split it into four different parts – a trailer first, then three episodes. First, tests of my existing arsenal against witch targets, then the monstrous Witch Beheader Bazooka, and lastly the Portable Witch Incinerator.

All these episodes will go online within a very short period of time, so stay tuned… and go see Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters!

Gotta give the man props for knowing how to expand his brand. With fire.

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