Appendix Carry Gone Bad: Man shoots self in penis (VIDEO)

Police and the community in Chandler, Arizona, are advocating safer gun handling after a local man accidentally shot himself in the penis with a pink pistol.  According to the NY Daily News, 27-year-old Joshua Seto was handling his girlfriends handgun on his way to the store, stuffed the pistol in his pants and that’s when the gun discharged.

“We don’t know if he suffered any permanent damage,” Sgt. J. Favazzo of the Chandler Police Department said Tuesday. “The case remains under investigation and we are still in the process of determining whether to press charges.”

Favazzo said he did not know what kind of weapon was involved in the accident. Local news outlets reported only that it was pink.

In the meantime, police said what happened to Seto should be a lesson to all gun owners who take their safety cues from unrealistic TV shows that depict tough guys stuffing their weapons into their waistbands.

“Whenever you handle a firearm, whether you are a novice or experienced, always treat firearms as though they are loaded,” Det. Seth Tyler of the Chandler PD said. “If you are going to carry a handgun on your person, use a holster, not your waistband.”

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