VA Lawmaker Waves AK (With Finger on Trigger) During Anti-Gun Speech

VA lawmaker Joseph D. Morrissey, Member of the Virginia House of Delegates from the 74th district, brought an AK 47 to the house floor last week as a visual aide in his anti-gun speech.  He was reportedly trying to express the ease at which one could carry a weapon in Virginia.  During his speech Morrissey was interrupted by Republican Delegate Todd Gilbert who asked Morrissey to remove his finger from the trigger.

If you have a second and want a good read, head over to Morrissey’s Wikipedia page — besides being cited for misconduct in a number of legal cases and being disbarred in Virginia, Morrissey had previously borrowed two firearms from a Virginia State Police forensic lab in 1991 to use as visual aides in a public speech.  When the police inquired about weapons and their return to the lab, Morrissey claimed that he had lost the weapons.  The guns were discovered two years later in the arrest of a heroin dealer.

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