ESPN 30 for 30 Short: American Hostages in Iraq and The Ali Mission

Prior to the 1990 Gulf War Saddam Hussein had taken hostage of a number of American workers in Iraq, placing them around the country at strategic military sites as human shields.  As the 30 for 30 documentary shows, Muhammed Ali who maintains high credibility in Muslim world flew to Iraq on a humanitarian mission in an effort to free 15 American hostages.

Ali: The Mission” delves into perhaps one of the most important, but least known, feats of Muhammad Ali’s remarkable life. In 1990, the boxing legend traveled to Iraq to press a plea for peace and negotiate with Saddam Hussein for the release of U.S. civilians taken hostage after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Ali risked his reputation, health and safety for the freedom of prisoners held by Hussein as “human shields” to deter U.S. military strikes. Only six weeks after Ali brought 15 hostages back home to their relieved families, Operation Desert Storm bombarded Iraq.

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