Newt Gingrich Debates Piers Morgan on Assault Rifles (VIDEO)

Newt Gingrich who had a rough end to his presidential campaign last year seems to have transitioned nicely back into his television role as a sharp public debater.  Calling out Piers Morgan’s tirade against guns and providing a proper calibration on the topic, Gingrich highlighted a number of biases and falsehoods Morgan relies on:

On calling an AR 15 a military assult weapon Gingrich states:

“It’s not a military-style assault weapon. This is lovely propaganda,”

“This is lovely propaganda… I would simply say to you that millions of people by your own definition own an AR-15. They are law abiding, and they think it’s their right to own it under the Constitution.”

On Morgan’s view of the second amendment Gingrich states:

“And we actually think that the Second Amendment is central to our liberties — not just something there for hunters, not something there for target practice — but actually something there because the Founding Fathers remembered that when your army tried to defeat us,” Gingrich said, “luckily our peasants weren’t peasants, they were citizens and as citizens they were in fact armed and that’s the only reason we were able to win the Revolutionary War.”

Full  video below:

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