Boberg XR9-L with +P ammo (VIDEO)

The Boberg XR9-L fits a service-length barrel into a subcompact pistol by using a peculiar rotating-breech barrel lock and claw feeding system that makes room for the gun’s 4.2-inch barrel.

It’s rated for +P and performs outstandingly with it. Compared to my Beretta Nano, it’s capable of generating almost 200 foot-pounds more energy down-range, at just under 500 foot-pounds, or about 60% more power.

The only real drawback to the Boberg is the price. They start at $1,050.

Still, weighing in at just 18.5 ounces and having a capacity of 7+1 rounds of ammo, if you can afford it, it’s hard to find something that has more power in a package that size.

We’ve reviewed it a couple of times. It just keeps getting better.

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