Mosin-Nagant stock and detachable magazines coming from Archangel (VIDEO)

This is one of the coolest aftermarket Mosin accessories I’ve ever seen. They’ve really thought of everything.

In addition to working with Timney triggers from the factory, it has an optional barrel tensioner. Some Mosins don’t shoot very well with a free-floated barrel, which this stock does by default, so if you want, you can ratchet it down. It looks as though the stock is contoured for the bayonet.

The stock comes with a 5-round magazine and optional 10-round mags will be available, too.

The cheek riser is adjustable, it has a thick recoil pad and still manages to include a little storage compartment. It can even use stripper clips!

This is going to be a must-have for Mosin fans and people looking to put together a big-bore rifle on the cheap.

It should run under $200 with magazines listing for $25. They don’t have a product page up yet.

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