Support the Rogue Corps. Buy a rifle. (3 Photos)

The Rogue Corps aims to facilitate the efforts of wounded veterans who wish to take part in the outdoor adventures they used to enjoy prior to injury, or veterans who would like to discover new ones.

These outdoor adventures include but are not limited to offshore fishing, lobster fishing, multiple kinds of shooting, hunting and mountain biking.

And you can help them. 

All you have to do is buy that rifle. The Vuurwapen Blog has donated a custom AR-15 to raise money for the Rogue Corps, and so far it’s going for a couple grand.

You can do better than that. Right now, similar rifles are selling for way more, and this is actually for a good cause.

  • Bravo Company lower receiver
  • A1 upper receiver
  • FN A2 profile 20″ barrel, chrome lined, 1/7 twist
  • Vltor EMod stock laser marked with “Vuurwapen Concepts”
  • electroless nickel plated M16 bolt carrier group
  • Elzetta ZFH-1500 front sight base light mount with light

It’s a slick rifle. And all the money is going to the Rogue Corps.

Although longer than many other AR-15s, this rifle has been set up to shoot 5.56mm ammunition with practically zero recoil while still remaining relatively light and well-balanced. I have probably spent more time studying high speed footage of AR-15s being fired than 99.9999% of the population, and believe this to be the optimal AR-15.

Every penny from this auction will go to Rogue Corps. I’ll pay for it to be shipped to the winner’s FFL.

It comes with one 20-round and six 30-round PMAGs (easily worth a few hundred these days) and your choice of carry handle or flattop upper receivers.

Go! Bid! And if not, share. At the very least for the pretty pictures.

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