New Coonan Compensated Pistol .357 Magnum 1911

Coonan, manufacturer of high-end specialty .357 Magnum 1911s, is announcing a new version of their singular and powerful handgun. The new Coonan .357 comes with an extended barrel and compensator.

The gun in this configuration must be even more fun to shoot. The Coonan .357 is already a soft-shooter, owing to a considerable amount of frame mass combined with its semi-automatic operation. Adding a compensator will make it even softer.

“The Compensated Pistol is real pleasure to fire,” said Dave Dietz of Coonan. “There is not another pistol on the market like the Coonan .357 Magnum Automatic, and when you combine that with such amazing light-recoil, the Compensated Pistol is truly a shooter-friendly addition to the Coonan family.”

The compensated magnum is 48.8 ounces empty and 52.8 ounces loaded. It’s got a standard capacity of 7+1 rounds of .357 Magnum. It’s just 1.3 inches wide, although with the extended barrel and compensator, the pistol is 10.5 inches long overall. The barrel length for the Coonan Compensated Pistol is 5.7 inches, which is sure to boost muzzle velocities in addition to keeping the recoil down.

Coonan hasn’t announced a price for their new model Compensated Pistol, but we don’t expect it to be a bargain-hunter’s dream. Coonan’s guns are premium, and start at around $1,000 if you get a good price on one; they have a base list price of $1,375. With a compensator we suspect it’ll be a little more.

If you look closely, you’ll see that Coonan’s guns have much longer grips, front-to-back, than your standard 1911; .357 Magnum is a lot longer than .45 ACP. But with their narrow grips and very short trigger, they’re comfortable and shootable by people with hands of all sizes. The slide release and manual safety are also extended for easy manipulation.

They also just have terrific fit and finish. To be honest, Coonan could charge more and get away with it. Other companies sell less interesting 1911s for a lot more.

Whether you’re looking for a handgun to tame .357 loads, are interested in handgun hunting, or just looking to mash some bowling pins into sawdust, you gotta check Coonan, Inc.

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