Trijicon developing ACOG reticle in 300 BLK

Trijicon is a fan of 300 AAC Blackout. Or at least, they know which way the wind is blowing. Like a few other companies have recently, Trijicon has developed a 300 BLK-specific reticle for their flagship ACOG scopes.

Specifically, for their TA33 3x30mm scope. This fixed three-power optic is one of their most popular, and the 300 BLK version naturally has the dual fiber-optic/tritium-powered battery-free reticle we’ve come to know and love.

It’s a compensating reticle with lines under crosshairs marking drop for supersonic loads out to 600 meters and diamonds marking drop for subsonic loads out to 100 meters, using a rifle with a 16-inch barrel. It’s a little on the busy side, but so is 300 BLK. The crosshair is amber only, for now.

The only other thing that’s different is that it costs 40 bucks more than the other models. The MSRP is $1,257. It still weighs a hair under 12 ounces and is built like a brick factory.

Availability is slated to be in a couple of months, as in 8 weeks, if their product page is accurate.

We hope it is because a lot of people have been wanting one of these for, oh, years now.

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