Joe Scarborough Continues to Bash the 'Stupid Arguments' of 'Extremist Wing' of the NRA (VIDEO)

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Former Republican Congressman and now MSNBC morning news host continued to bash the NRA for being out of touch and extremist.  Following NRA President Wayne LaPierre’s Sunday appearance on Fox News with Chris Wallace, Scarborough stated that LaPierre’s divisive and fear mongering arguments to be ‘ridiculous.’

“Good on him,” Scarborough said on Monday. “…Chris Wallace really drilled down hard here — the argument. Seriously? That all of our children deserve the same amount of protection as the president of the United States’s children? That’s the problem with Wayne LaPierre and the extremist wing of the NRA’s arguments. They’re stupid arguments! They’ve got to say, ‘oh, and while a mother’s clutching her Bushmaster with crying children’ — they’re stupid arguments!”

Joe Scarborough stated just last week that the NRA is the biggest danger to the future of gun rights and the Republicans.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace hosted both Mark Kelley and Wayne LaPierre on his show this Sunday, full video below:

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