Remington expanding R-15 rifles with Magpul models

Remington is putting the finishing touches on a few more R-15 VTR rifles for 2013. These new models will all feature Magpul MOE furniture, but keep the camo finishes we’ve come to expect from Remington.

They’re adding fourn new rifles, one with a 16-inch barrel, two with 18-inch barrels and one with a 22-inch barrel. Two come with the new fixed MOE rifle-length buttstock, on 18-inch and the 22-inch model, and two have standard MOE telescoping buttstocks, the 16-inch carbine and the other 18-inch model. The new rifles get the name R-15 VTR Predator; they look plenty mean.

They come with a complete set of MOE furniture including the handguard, pistol grip and trigger guard. The finishing touch is an AAC 51T Breakout combination muzzle brake, flash hider and quick mount for AAC silencers.

They are chambered for .223 Remington, naturally, and have lightly-fluted barrels.

The new rifles will otherwise be the same or identical to the existing rifles, shipping with 10-round magazines and having barrels with 1-in-9 twists. The 1-in-9 barrels are good for a wide range of ammunition types, from cartridges loaded with light to very heavy bullets.

The do not come with sights and have a low-profile type front gas block; they’re designed for use with some type of optic, weather it’s a scope or red dot sight. But not irons.

Rounding out their hunting and target-shooting featureset is a two-stage match trigger and Remington’s proprietary SCARmor high-durability finish. The rifles both have Mossy Oak Brush camouflage print.

These are pretty field-worthy rifles, weighing in at just under 7 pounds unloaded. They have an MSRP of $1,327, so we expect to see them on shelves starting at $1,100 or less. For all the sweet details, check out their product pages. Go here for the fixed stock models and here for the collapsible ones.

Remington’s making a great case for AR hunting with these guns. They’re pretty, functional and just begging to be suppressed.

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