Detroit Basketball Coach Shoots Assailants on School Property (VIDEO)

A 70-year-old girl’s basketball coach from a Detroit high school shot two assailants in the school’s parking lot Friday evening during an apparent ambush.

According to local reports, surveillance tapes show Ernest Robinson walking two of his players to their cars after practice at Martin Luther King Jr. High School around 7:30. Two teenagers approached them, one of which masking his face with a T-shirt, and grabbed the coach by his necklace. One of them shoved what appeared to be a gun into Robinson’s chest and they began beating him. Eventually Robinson was able to get some distance, pull his own gun and shoot both young men. Wounded, the suspects fled on foot.

Michael Scott, 16, died in a grassy median outside the school, and his 15-year-old accomplice collapsed in the nearby tennis courts after dialing 911. When police arrived the accomplice was taken to a local hospital.

Robinson, who doesn’t own a cell phone, jumped into his car and drove to the nearest police station to report what had happened, according to Fox Detroit. Police questioned him and released him later that night. Robinson is a licensed concealed carrier and a reserve police officer.

After some confusion about whether or not Scott was expelled from MLK High, the ABC affiliate confirmed that he was still enrolled there and had actually attended classes on Jan. 30. He was reported as a junior, but according to the school district he only had enough credits to qualify as a freshman.

In addition, the NBC affiliate reported that Scott and another person were suspects behind an armed robbery of a pizza joint the day after Christmas and were slated to go to court in March.

Very little information on the the 15-year-old accomplice has been released except for the fact that he is still in critical condition due to a gunshot wound to his belly. And police have yet to say if the suspects actually had a gun, or if they were faking it.

After further investigation police told Fox Detroit that they don’t plan on charging the coach for having a firearm at a school and are calling this incident a justifiable homicide because they believe the two suspects planned the ambush. However, the final ruling is up to the Wayne County Prosecutor.

Both of the young women Robinson was escorting to their cars were unharmed.

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