Piers Morgan and Ted Nugent Go to a Gun Range Together (VIDEO)

Ted Nugent to Piers Morgan: ‘Would You Leave Us The Hell Alone?’

Above are a couple video highlight of Piers Morgan’s visit to Tactical Firearms in Houston Texas yesterday.  What essentially broke down was a bunch of footage of Piers Morgan constantly keeping his finger on the trigger of the guns he shot and mindlessly placing his firearms back on the shooting bay ledge without clearing the weapon or putting them on safety.  He was also completely ‘shocked’ after shooting each weapon.

Morgan then continued continued the nights show with a sit down interview with Ted Nugent.  Some highlighted quotes of Nugent:

“Would you leave us the hell alone?”

“It’s a simple inanimate tool that tens of millions of American families own, that have never caused a problem, never had an accident and will never commit a crime,”

“Do you care about murders? Or do you only care about about murders with guns?” he asked Morgan. “I don’t think you do. I think you care about guns. You’re obsessed with guns.”

“99.99% of the gun owners of America are wonderful people that you are hanging around with here today. Perfectly safe. Perfectly harmless. Wonderful, loving, generous, giving, caring people. Would you leave us the hell alone? Go after the nut jobs, go after the murderers, because I don’t know any. We need to lock up the bad guys and when people show dangerous, murderous intent, which everyone one of these mass-murderers showed.”

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